Grigorov Sergei


Adviser to the President
Born June 4, 1946 in Tbilisi.
Graduated from Voronezh Military Air Technical Academy in 1967 and from Alexander Mozhaisky Military Engineering Academy in 1974.
1967 – senior meteorologist engineer of weather forecast group of an air regiment under the Moscow Military District Air Defence Commander.
1974–2001 – military officer of the Armed Forced of the USSR and then of the Russian Federation.
1999 – First Deputy Chairman of the Main Technical Commission under the President of the Russian Federation.
1999–2004 – Chairman of the State Technical Commission under the President of the Russian Federation.
2004–2011 – Director of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control.
Since May 2011 – Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation.
Class ranking – Russian Federation Active State Adviser, I degree.
Awarded the Order for Services to the Fatherland, III degree, the Order of the Red Star, and the title of the Hero of Russia.