Personal Data of Users of the Website

Dear visitors/users,

1. Whenever the official presidential website (hereafter referred to as ”the website“) is downloaded, its software tools automatically ping users’ (visitors’) IP addresses and lookup domain names. Electronic addresses of visitors using the website’s interactive services and (or) sending electronic messages to addresses given on the website, automatically collected information about the pages viewed, and other information (including personal data) communicated by visitors/users is stored using the website’s software tools for the purposes listed in Point 2 hereof.

2. Information on users collected and stored using the website’s software tools is used exclusively to improve information presentation methods and formats, provide better service to visitors/users, identify the most frequently visited pages (interactive services), and keep track of the website’s unique visitor statistics.

3. Aside from the purposes listed in Point 2 above, information on users of the website cannot be used or disclosed in any way or form. This information is made available only to people specially authorised to carry out the work set forth in Point 2 above and who have been warned about their liability for any non-intentional or intentional disclosure or unsanctioned use of this information.

4. Personal data of website visitors/users is stored and processed in accordance with Russian legislation on personal data.

5. Any information derived from the data listed in Point 1 above may be made available for further use (dissemination) only in generalised form without specifying electronic addresses or domain names of the website users/visitors.

6. Sending any kind of electronic message to electronic addresses of the website’s users/visitors, or creating hyperlinks to their electronic addresses and/or websites is possible only if permitted by the rules of using the relevant interactive service or provided that a prior approval from the website user/visitor has been obtained in accordance with these rules. Correspondence with the website’s users/visitors is possible only on issues pertaining to the use of the website’s interactive services or other information sections.