Abyzov Mikhail


Born on June 3, 1972 in Minsk.
Higher education: graduated from the Moscow State Open Pedagogical University in 2000.
Began his career in 1989.
From 1993: held executive positions in several fuel and energy companies, including the post of Deputy Board Chairman of Novosibirskenergo.
From 1998: member of the Management Board of RAO UES of Russia and Head of Investment Policy.
From 1999: Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of RAO UES of Russia.
2004: following the re-organisation of RAO UES of Russia, appointed member of the Management Board of RAO UES of Russia and Managing Director of Business Unit 1.
2005 – 2008: General Director of UK Kuzbassrazrezugol.
2006 – 2012: Chairman of the Board of Directors of RU-COM.
Since January 2012: Adviser to the President of Russia.
Member of the Board of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
Mr Abyzov is a member of:
the organising committee for the support of Yekaterinburg as a candidate city to host the Universal Exposition Expo-2020;
the interdepartmental working group on the priority national project Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Russian Citizens under the Presidential Commission for the Implementation of Priority National Projects and Demographic Policy;
the working group for the establishment of an international financial centre in the Russian Federation under the Presidential Council for Financial Market Development.
Awarded the Russian Government Prize for Science and Technology in 2003, and the Honorary Certificate of the Russian President.
Mr Abyzov is married and has two sons and a daughter.