Fedorov Nikolay


Born May 9, in the village of Chedino, Mariinsko-Posadsky district, Chuvashia ASSR
Graduated from Kazan State University
Completed post-graduate studies at the USSR Academy of Sciences’ Institute of State and Law. Holds the title of PhD in law, doctor of economic sciences, professor.
1980 – 1982
Assistant, senior lecturer at Chuvashia State University.
1985 – 1989
Assistant, senior lecturer at Chuvashia State University.
1989 – 1991
People’s Deputy of the USSR, chairman of the USSR Supreme Soviet sub-committee on legislation, law and order.
1990 – 1992
RSFSR Minister of Justice.
1992 – 1993
Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation.
Chairman of Moscow City Guild of Defence Lawyers Klishin and Partners.
1994 – 2010
President of the Republic of Chuvashia.
2010 – 2012
Member of the Federation Council representing the Republic of Chuvashia, representative of the Republic of Chuvashia executive branch of power, chairman of the committee on constitutional law, legal and judicial matters, and civil society development.
2012 – 2015
Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.
April 15, 2015
Presidential Adviser.
Holds the orders For Services to the Fatherland III and IV degree and the Order of Honour.
Honoured Builder of the Russian Federation, laureate of the Russian Federation State Prize for Science and Technology.
Married, has a son and daughter.