Visit to the camp of the Night Wolves Motoclub

Before starting his working visit to Ukraine, on the way from Sevastopol Airport to Yalta, Vladimir Putin made an unscheduled stop at the camp of the Night Wolves Motoclub.

Visit to the camp of the Night Wolves Motoclub.
Visit to the camp of the Night Wolves Motoclub.

The Night Wolves is the first motorcycle club in Russia and in the USSR, founded in 1989 in Moscow. The club holds motorcycle festivals featuring performances by rock bands and tattoo artists, and takes part in motocross races and rallies in Russia and abroad.

On July 20–21, club members will take part in a motorcycle show dedicated to the heroic history of Sevastopol. The Night Wolves invited Vladimir Putin to the show and presented the President with a jacket with the club’s logo.


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