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Working visit to Hungary

22 photos
With Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban.

Visit to Belarus

9 photos
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President of France Francois Hollande, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko before the beginning of talks in the Normandy format with participation by members of delegations.

Official visit to Egypt

24 photos
Statements for the press following Russian-Egyptian talks.

Trip to St Petersburg

13 photos
Visiting the Mining University. With University’s Rector Vladimir Litvinenko.

Official visit to India

28 photos
At the World Diamond Conference.

Visit to Uzbekistan

18 photos
With President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.

State visit to Turkey

28 photos
Arrival in Ankara.

Visit to Australia. G20 summit

33 photos
Heads of the G20 member state delegations, invited nations and international organisations.