Presidential Executive Office subdivisions

Presidential State-Legal Directorate

The Presidential State-Legal Directorate is responsible for the President’s work on matters related to the law. It provides legal support for the Presidential Executive Office’s work and information and reference support for the Presidential Executive Office’s other subdivisions. It provides legal consultation services to the Government Staff, the federal executive bodies of power and the regional authorities.

Aide to the President and Chief of the Presidential State-Legal Directorate – Larisa Brychyova.

Presidential Control Directorate

The Presidential Control Directorate oversees and checks that federal laws (in where they concern the President’s powers, including with regard to ensuring human rights and civil liberties), executive orders, instructions and other presidential decisions are enforced by the federal executive bodies of power, the regional authorities, and organisations. It oversees and monitors implementation of instructions by the President and the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office. It oversees the implementation of the Annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly, the President’s budget addresses and other programme documents issued by the President. It reports to the President and the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office on the results of checks and proposes measures to prevent and eliminate infringements revealed

Aide to the President and Head of the Presidential Control Directorate – Dmitry Shalkov.

Presidential Speechwriting Office

The Presidential Speechwriting Office takes part in drafting the Annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly and other presidential programme documents. It drafts speeches and letters of greetings and congratulations from the President, takes part in publishing projects related to the work of the President and the Presidential Executive Office, and provides support for the President’s activities in the areas of education and science.

Aide to the President and Chief of the Presidential Speechwriting Office – Dmitry Kalimulin.

Senior Presidential Speechwriters: Yaroslav Shabanov, Larisa Mishustina.

Presidential Speechwriters: Natalya Melikova, Tatyana Trubinova, Yekaterina Khutorskaya.

Presidential Foreign Policy Directorate

The Presidential Foreign Policy Directorate assists the President in setting the country’s main foreign policy outlines. It helps to draw up general foreign policy strategy and supports the President in exercising his powers to direct the country’s foreign policy. It provides information, analytical and organisational support for the foreign policy and international relations activities of the President and Presidential Executive Office and is responsible for the content of foreign policy events in which the President takes part. It organises cooperation between the President and the Chief of the Presidential Executive Office and the state bodies and officials of foreign countries, foreign political and public figures, and international and foreign organisations.

Chief of the Presidential Foreign Policy Directorate – Igor Neverov.

Presidential Domestic Policy Directorate

The Presidential Domestic Policy Directorate provides the information, analytical and organisational support for the exercise of the President’s constitutional powers to set the main outlines of the country’s domestic policy. Within the scope of its mandate it summarises and presents to the President and the Chief of the Presidential Executive Office information on the social and political situation in the country, as well as proposals on state-building, federal relations, local self-government, regional and information policy. It organises cooperation between the head of state and the Federal Assembly, the regional bodies of power, local self-government bodies, political parties, professional and creative unions, business associations, chambers of commerce and industry, public and religious organisations and other civil society groups. It organises cooperation between the President and Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office and the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoys to the federal districts.

Chief of the Presidential Domestic Policy Directorate – Andrei Yarin.

Presidential Civil Service and Personnel Directorate

The Presidential Civil Service and Personnel Directorate provides support for the President’s activities in dealing with personnel issues and powers related to the state policy in the sphere of civil service; oversees within its competence the execution of federal laws and Presidential executive orders and instructions on matters related to civil service; drafts proposals for the President on the implementation of state policy in combating corruption in government and other state bodies, resolving conflict of interest, reforming and developing civil service, as well as on personnel policies; provides personnel support for the Presidential Executive Office.

Chief of Presidential Civil Service and Personnel Directorate – Maxim Travnikov.

Presidential State Decorations Directorate

The Presidential State Decorations Directorate provides support for the President’s activities in matters related to awarding state decorations and honorary titles, the Presidential Certificate of Merit and Presidential Letters of Gratitude; the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces Certificate and the Commander-in-Chief Letter of Commendation; oversees within its competence the execution of federal laws and Presidential executive orders and directives on matters related to state decorations and heraldry; drafts proposals for the President on the implementation of the consolidated policy in the sphere of state decorations and heraldry.

Chief of the Presidential State Decorations Directorate – Vladimir Osipov.

Presidential Directorate for Protection of Citizens’ Constitutional Rights

The Presidential Directorate for Protection of Citizens’ Constitutional Rights supports the President in exercising his constitutional rights on matters concerning Russian Federation citizenship, granting political asylum, state migration policy, and issuing pardons.

Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Protection of Citizens’ Constitutional Rights – Tatyana Lokatkina.

Presidential Document Processing Directorate

The Presidential Document Processing Directorate organises information and documentation support for the President and the Executive Office. It manages a common clerical and document processing system for the Presidential Executive Office, organises, coordinates and oversees work within the Executive Office to protect the confidentiality of information considered a state secret, and organises and oversees special document communications channels with the executive bodies in the regions. It is responsible for the formation, conservation, inventory and use of the document archives of the President, the Executive Office, and the presidential consultative bodies, and is also responsible for the formation, management, conservation and use of the Presidential Executive Office’s library resources.

Chief of Presidential Document Processing Directorate – Anton Fyodorov.

Presidential Directorate for Correspondence from Citizens and Organisations

Presidential Directorate for Correspondence from Citizens and Organisations examines oral and written correspondence addressed to the President of Russia and the Presidential Executive Office by Russian and foreign citizens and stateless persons. It carries out information and reference work related to citizens’ correspondence, analyses citizens’ correspondence addressed to the President and draws up the appropriate reports. It provides the information, analytical and methodological support for the Presidential Executive Office’s work with citizens’ correspondence.

Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Correspondence from Citizens and Organisations – Mikhail Mikhailovsky.

Presidential Press and Information Office

The Presidential Press and Information Office supports the President in exercising his constitutional powers in the area of state information policy. It drafts proposals for the President on matters concerning state information policy and formation of Russia’s information space, and takes part in their implementation. It informs the mass media about the President’s activities, decrees and instructions, speeches, statements, meetings and other events in which he takes part. It keeps the President up to date on media reactions and responses to his decisions and statements. It organises information support for state, official and other visits, official meetings, talks, working trips by the President and other events in which the President takes part in Russia and abroad. It organises interaction between the President and the mass media.

Chief of the Presidential Press and Information Office – Andrei Tsybulin.

Presidential Protocol Office

The Presidential Protocol Office is responsible for protocol during visits abroad and trips to the regions of Russia by the President and his wife. It takes care of protocol matters for events involving the President and his wife during visits to the Russian Federation by representatives of foreign countries and international organisations. It organises protocol for mass and other events involving the President or held on the instructions of the President or the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office.

Chief of the Presidential Protocol Office – Anna Kulikova.

Presidential Directorate for Public Relations and Communications Office

The Directorate’s key tasks include the support of the President in exercising his constitutional powers as regards state information policy as well as drafting proposals for the President on issues of state information policy and participating in the implementation of said proposals on the President’s instructions; analysing media positions and public opinion on issues of implementing state policy in various areas and promptly briefing the President on these matters; developing information support strategy for socially important decisions by the President, as well as participating in its implementation on the President’s instructions; coordinating information activities of federal government bodies and federal executive authorities with the aim of providing objective information to the media on the state policy being conducted in various fields; coordinating information support for major international events in the Russian Federation and abroad, including preparing and holding the XXII Olympic Winter Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games in 2014 in Sochi.

Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Public Relations and Communications – Alexander Smirnov.

Presidential Experts’ Directorate

The Presidential Experts’ Directorate provides expert and analytical support to the President in the exercise of his constitutional powers. It prepares expert evaluations, analytical reports and other expert and analytical materials required by the President and the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office. It is responsible for expert and analysis work on financing the activities of the President and the Presidential Executive Office.

Chief of the Presidential Experts’ Directorate – Vladimir Simonenko.

Presidential Directorate for Interregional Relations and Cultural Contacts with Foreign Countries

The Presidential Directorate for Interregional Relations and Cultural Contacts with Foreign Countries provides support for the President’s activities in developing international relations of the Russian Federation. The Directorate’s main objectives are to develop and implement projects in the field of interregional and cultural ties with foreign countries aimed at providing assistance to the President in implementing foreign policy; to provide information and analytical support for the President of the Russian Federation and the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office on issues of interregional and cultural relations with foreign countries in the area of its competence.

Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Interregional Relations and Cultural Contacts with Foreign Countries – Igor Maslov.

Presidential Directorate for Supporting Activities of the State Council of the Russian Federation

The Directorate provides information, analysis and organisational support for the work of the State Council, State Council Presidium and the Sports Council and their working bodies, and provides support within the scope of its powers for events involving the President’s participation.

Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Supporting Activities of the State Council of the Russian Federation – Alexander Kharichev.

Presidential Directorate for Cross-Border Cooperation

The main tasks of the Directorate for Cross-Border Cooperation include ancillary support for the President’s activity concerning cross-border cooperation on the European track; coordination of federal executive bodies, executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local self-government bodies, public associations and organisations on any matters related to the Directorate’s jurisdiction; information and analytical support for the activities of the President and the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office related to the Directorate’s jurisdiction.

Head of the Presidential Directorate for Cross-Border Cooperation – Alexei Filatov.

Presidential Directorate for Science and Education Policy

Supports the President in exercising his constitutional powers to set the main guidelines in national science and education policy; provides the organisational support for the work of the Presidential Council for Science, Technology and Education; drafts and submits to the President and the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office material on developing and implementing national science and education policy, including with regard to the financing of scientific research and programmes to develop science and education centres.

Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Science and Education Policy – Inna Bilenkina.

Presidential Directorate for the Development of Information and Communication Technology and Communication Infrastructure

The Directorate’s main objectives are to support the state policies of the President of the Russian Federation in application of information technology and development of e-democracy, prepare suggestions to the President of the Russian Federation on using information technology and developing e-democracy in state and municipal administrations, and participate in the implementation of such suggestions following the President of the Russian Federation’s instructions.

Chief of the Presidential Directorate for the Development of Information and Communication Technology and Communication Infrastructure – Tatyana Matveyeva

Presidential Directorate for Social Projects

The Directorate’s main tasks include drafting within their competence and submitting to the President and the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office materials and proposals on ways to strengthen the spiritual and moral foundations of Russian society, improving the patriotic education of young people, developing and implementing public projects in this sphere, and ensuring communication between the President and public associations and other civil society organisations.

Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Social Projects – Sergei Novikov.

Presidential Anti-Corruption Directorate

The Directorate’s main tasks are to support the President in his powers to carry out state anti-corruption policy; monitor within its powers enforcement of federal constitutional laws, federal laws, presidential executive orders, instructions and resolutions, on countering corruption; drafting proposals on anti-corruption matters for state bodies and local government bodies and organisations, and settling conflicts of interest; supporting the President within its powers to ensure coordinated functioning and cooperation between the state bodies, other state organisations, and local government bodies and organisations on anti-corruption matters.

Chief of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Directorate – Andrei Chobotov.

Presidential Clerical Office

The Clerical Office provides documentation support to the President of the Russian Federation.

Head of the Presidential Clerical Office – Andrei Kazakov.